My dog ate my homework he said it tasted as good ice cream and a cheery on top.

I for got my homework it was in my little sister's tummy she did'nt tell me in tell I came hear.

I jumped in the pool and I did a caninball it was a big splash than I dieved I tuch the botoom after that I went home and took a shorer and reel laze that my homework was in my poket.

I was going to use a homework past and I was walking to scool and when I was there I got my homework out and" I for got my homework past and my homework paper!".

I was siting and doing my homework and it was so frustrating so cold my Dad and he was goon so I just did my best when I tirnd my homework in I got an strate F-. 


5/9/2013 06:17:12

I love your ideas.

5/9/2013 06:28:06

It's weird that your little sister ate your homework and I like it to.

5/9/2013 06:46:32

That is so funny!

5/22/2013 08:45:27

That is so funny!! And now I see why you didn't do your homework.


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