This a map of san Fr
Me and my parners ELENA WILL CATIE ME

I love the action words! The war was so cool and 
On may 5/13/13 we went to the boling aly and went looking for math.
and there was so much math that we had to take a picher of a lot of them and we did. Will and me called (911)!
And I sede nothing to them and they came. I had to say (sorry)
it was fun the field trip!
My dog ate my homework he said it tasted as good ice cream and a cheery on top.

I for got my homework it was in my little sister's tummy she did'nt tell me in tell I came hear.

I jumped in the pool and I did a caninball it was a big splash than I dieved I tuch the botoom after that I went home and took a shorer and reel laze that my homework was in my poket.

I was going to use a homework past and I was walking to scool and when I was there I got my homework out and" I for got my homework past and my homework paper!".

I was siting and doing my homework and it was so frustrating so cold my Dad and he was goon so I just did my best when I tirnd my homework in I got an strate F-. 


On May day we had to wear green and a leah.
So we went to go to watch the kinder dotles
than we went to go
are tern now 2 grade.
It was so fun we sang molokai slide!
after that we eat luigi's for Allisons birthday!
Than we eat lunch than went swimming it was fantastic!
That was the best May day ever it was so fun!

Lives in the Abyss
A glowing light helps them see
It is hideous